Durham win over Belsay in Division 2 by 16-2

We entertained the Belsay Castle team on 1 June at Chester-le-Street in our first Division 2 League match of the season, winning comfortably by 16 games to 2.

The team was Anne, Madeleine, Susan and Tony. This was Tony’s first competitive match after joining the club in April.

As we were unsure whether the bowlers might want their green later in the afternoon, the format was altered so that all the 12 singles games were played before such by double-banking on both lawns. The doubles were then started in the afternoon again using both lawns but with the option of moving to double-banking on a single lawn if required.

In the event, light rain wet in during the afternoon, and no bowlers turned up before we finished around 2.45 pm.

Many thanks to our opponents for a good match and to various of our members for providing cake and refreshments.

One innovation has been the use of ropes to delineate the boundaries of the two lawns, which has proved to be a great improvement.

While we are able to mark the hoop and corner flag positions on our lawns, we don’t do it on the bowlers’ lawn, but by marking the boundary rope at appropriate points and moving a secondary marked rope across the green we can locate the correct positions very quickly now.