We Won The League(s)…

It was a gripping final Division 1 match against Belsay at Chester-le-Street on Saturday 7 September. The winner would win the Division 1 title and in the case of a draw Belsay would be ahead of Durham on games won, and it was still possible for Alnmouth to end up champions if they beat Middlesbrough in their final game by a massive score.

Things were looking good for Belsay at lunch, however, with them leading 6-3, but Durham came back to being only 7-8 down with the final round of games to play and needing at least 2 wins and a draw for victory.

In the end, Durham won all three of the final games to win the match 10-8 and the Division 1 title for the second year running.

Congratulations to Andrew, Dave, Roger and Tony for an outstanding result against a very strong team.

So Croquet Durham ends the year with both the Division 1 and Division 2 titles. Many thanks to everyone who represented us in our 2019 competitive matches.